Alpha One started as a learning project back in 2013. I was exploring the Construct 2 engine and I figured why not play around with a game I loved growing up: Asteroids. Soon I remembered all the things I wanted more out of the Asteroids game I played as a kid so I started making massive changes. I began to incorporate elements from all the games that have influenced me over the years. It wasn't long before I had an original game concept.


Since I was already writing music and doing sound effects for games I figured I could use my extensive programming background to make a full demo game and showcase my audio/music skills. Soon I found myself playing the demo I created - a lot. It was so enjoyable I decided to fully design a game I could actually play. Using the Construct 2 engine allowed me to be a team of one and begin to make this game.  (Not that I didn't have help)


As the game grew I realized the potential and I became immersed in the game development community. I worked with a few artists and learned/practiced how to make game art and 3D models; I started to attend game jams, which later turned into hosting a yearly Global Game Jam; I volunteered as digital curator for the Boston Festival of Indie Games; and I started to work as an instructor at Montserrat College of Art teaching 2D and 3D game design as well as Sound Design. It took me a couple years to get up to speed on how to develop a game by one's self. However, there are always areas where you need additional skills and outsourcing becomes a necessity. Ironically, what started as a demo-game to showcase my music skills I've instead had to outsource the music due to the demanding schedules of game production.


In addition to Alpha One I have many other game designs on the drafting table for future titles. I tend to make games involving space and science since that's where my interests lie - not to mention music and sound effects. Game development for me is not a full time job by any means (although the hours contradict that!).  Everything is done in my spare time.


And that is how Space Capsule was born.

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